The commission, consisting of : Agnieszka Organista- project coordinator, Renata Jakubczyk- English teacher, Michal Trusz- graphic design teacher , awarded the following places:
First place ex aequo goes to Jan Urbaniak and Patryk Lubowski. The work of Jan Urbaniak is characterized by an unusual lightness in the approach to the design of graphic signs. The delicate form of the signet is balanced by precisely chosen typography, and the whole creates a complementary form that is easily remembered. Patryk Lubowski’s work is a strong design. The decisive lines of which the signet is built create a distinctive graphic form, which, complemented by the typography (provided for in the sign book in a couple of variations), creates a strong logotype with a timeless form.

Second place is awarded to Bartosz Bugaryn. Bartosz Bugaryn’s work is an unusual synthesis of lettering with the symbol of a bird. The logotype evokes in the first associations freedom, unlimited by time and space, which, even if sometimes limited, always rises like a phoenix from the ashes.

Third place ex aequo goes to Weronika Marczak and Patryk Wawrzyniak. The work of Weronika Marczak is a simple synthesis of well-known symbols that simply describe the slogan that was to be illustrated by the logotype design. Human rights are the most important, but they must always be guarded. Signet complemented by typography create a correctly designed logotype, characterized by a classic structure and colors. Patryk Wawrzyniak’s work is a synthesis of the sign of man and the joy that comes from the freedom that human rights guarantee us. The cheerful character of the signet, gives energy to the whole logotype, and the lightness and transience of the graphic form suggest that human rights should always be remembered, because unfortunately they can be fleeting.

We would like to thank you for your participation, high level of work and commitment. The date and place of the award ceremony will be announced soon. Congratulations and good luck in the international stage.

Renata Jakubczyk