From January 14 to 20, 2023, we hosted partners from three high schools from Turkey and Latvia at our school as part of the Erasmus Plus Flipped Classroom project.

The first day was a time of integration, getting to know the specifics and nooks and crannies of our school. Polish students led workshops on digital society, its rights, responsibilities but also risks.
The most exciting was the field game and search for hidden treasures.
At the end of the day, of course, we served delicious dumplings.

Erasmus+ is not only a program, it is first and foremost people who, thanks to their commitment, infect others with passion.
A meeting with Mr. Pawel Rajski, Starost of Ostrów, started the next day of mobility. Visiting the Center for Practical Education and learning about the specifics of work and teaching of various professions was the knowledge that was passed on to us by the Director of ZSTE – Mr. Marek Wojtasz.
Workshops with students, presentations and classes conducted on artificial intelligence, i.e. enabling machines to learn from experience, adapt to new information and perform human-like tasks, was the leading theme of the mobility in Poland. These activities fascinated both young people and teachers.

Our guests also had the opportunity to get to know the most beautiful places in our city, and the walks were facilitated by the wonderful sunny weather.
Wednesday welcomed our foreign guests with snow, adding energy for a long, active day.
We started with a workshop on fake news and manipulative strategies used in the digital world. After learning about the typical features of a conspiracy theory, participants came up with their own creative theories in groups. To make the task more difficult they had to use symbols from “story cubes.” I’ll be honest, some of them would be really easy to believe online.
The next workshop was dedicated to the use of VR /AR ( virtual reality and augmented reality) technology. We spent the afternoon at the Ostrów ice rink, and the evening at the school swimming pool.

On Thursday, from the morning, in full gear, we explored the beautiful city of Toruń, which, even with the January aura, captivates with its uniqueness. We finished our historical walk through the city’s Gothic streets with a workshop at the Gingerbread Museum, where we were brought by the unique and inimitable smell of ginger bread. Meanwhile, back to the past and as befits a techie, we checked out what’s up at the computer science museum. The end of the week in Poland was the dances of each partner country, which the students ( and not only 🙃) love, and the ceremony preceding this part was extremely moving, full of memories of the past week, there were even tears and assurances of meeting again. The distribution of certificates of participation, a concluding kahoot and a festive dinner marked the last day of mobility for the “Reverse Class” partners. The intense week spent together will stay with us for a long time. We are so proud of our students, it is with them and for them that we work, we know that we can count on them, they can count on us.

Erasmus plus brings people together, and united in diversity-we are Erasmus!

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